• Our Products

    MRF Tyres available for

      Lorry, Heavy Duty Trucks, Mines, Earth Work Vehicles
      Volvo Buses & Regular Transport Buses
      Heavy Tracktors, Tractor Trailers, Mini Lorries, Van, Car, Jeep
      Mini Trucks, Auto
      Off the Road Vehicle
      Moter Cycle, Scooter Mopeds
      Bullock Cart Vehicles

    Computer generated tread block sequence and structure profile
    Cut resistant tread compounds ensure superior performance on rough/off-road conditions
    Specially designed for Sports Utility Vehicles
    Bold sidewall graphics to give your vehicle a distinctive look
  • Our Services

      Computerised Wheel Alignment
      Computerised Wheel Balancing
      Nitrogen Air Filling
      Tyre Rotation
      Automatic Tyre Fitting
      Tubeless Tyres repair facility available